There may come a time in your life where you want to trace a specific person. As Private Investigators, Paragon Investigations take our tracing and people finding service very seriously.

We often offer No find – No fee when we search electronic records from public bodies and credit reference agencies for people within the UK.

We will ascertain that there is a legitimate interest and genuine reason to trace a person.

We can also provide surveillance and where necessary conduct physical searches of Greater London streets.

You may want to reconnect with an old school friend, a sibling that was adopted out of the family, a long-lost ex-lover or an estranged member of your family that you may feel concerned about. You have probably tried tracing the person yourself, but sometimes your best efforts are not enough. At this point, you may consider professional help with your search.

If the person you are looking for has changed names, is married, divorced, passed away, emigrated, imprisoned or serving in the Forces, Paragon Investigations is ready and able to trace them for you. Our high standards, integrity, and discretion are guaranteed.

Based in North London, we bring in-depth knowledge to trace a specific person in the local area, the South East, and the East of England.