Our team of professional Private Investigators are fully trained, insured and experienced, many of them have previously served in either the Military, Government Security Services or Police special operations roles.

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We are a small, professional investigation company based in North London offering a wide range of services to the public and private sector. We are covering London, the South East and East of England.

We offer our clients a professional, honest and reliable service. We will use all the latest techniques available to us to uncover the truth. Our friendly team is here to listen to your concerns, offer you advice about our services and explain how we can help you to find the answers you need.

Our full range of Services, including No Find / No Fee Tracing Services, opens up to those who have a relatively small budget for a relatively small task. Call now on 0208 088 05 88 or email for free advice and a no obligation quote.


Paragon Investigations – Probably The #1 Private Investigator in North London

We DO NOT charge extra fees for such items as (reasonable) millage, general disbursements, and travel time. We DO NOT charge extra fees for surveillance during unsociable hours as we realise this is the most likely time to gathered crucial evidence.

If you have an internal fraud issue with an employee involving the theft of goods or whether you simply require to monitor the movements of a boyfriend or spouse, we can assist. We aim to provide you with some peace of mind.

We are based in North London offering a wide range of investigation services to the public and private sector who are based in London, the South East and East of England. However, we carry out investigations across the UK and internationally, if necessary.

Employee Fraud

While the vast majority of employees do the right thing, employee theft affects business-owners everyday. Suspicious activity needs to be dealt with swiftly, firmly and fairly. Employees may steal large amounts of money, workplace supplies, equipment or intellectual-property. Read more..

58% of Husbands Cheat

Is there a possibility of your partner cheating on you? All investigations regarding a cheating spouse are conducted in a discreet confidential and timely manner. Any evidence of infidelity will be obtained by observations including technical surveillance. Read more..

No Find / No Fee Tracing

When searching and looking to find people who are missing or that you have lost touch with, family, friends, or a debtor who owes money, we offer you a comprehensive and successful No find – No fee people finding service for the tracing of people within the UK (T&C). Read more..

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